Anonymous asked:

Not really a question about you, but just asking for advice I guess. Is that alright? I'm gay but I'm so scared to come out because even though I know most people will accept me, I'm worried they're going to treat me differently. i guess this could apply other people too idk...

troyesivan answered:

Sorry i’m publishing this, but you asked on anon :\

I think the thing with this is to just be yourself - be yourself now, come out, and then be yourself after. Let THEM see that nothing has changed, and then nothing will have changed. At the same time, don’t overdo it. I almost lost a friend because even though i was out to him, we never discussed it really because i was scared he would think I changed or whatever, and it got to the point where i still felt like i was hiding things from him. Find the balance, ya dig?

This really got to my heart troye but ya dig ruined it. 😁




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